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The decision to end your marriage is not a decision to end your family. The child custody attorneys at Laster & Associates LLC take care to ensure that your interests, as well as those of your children, are protected.

Custody and Placement: What it all Means

Custody refers to the right to make major life decisions for your child regarding:
  • Religion
  • Education 
  • Health care
  • Important decisions that require parental consent, such as obtaining a driver's license, getting married, or enlisting in the military 
The presumption in Wisconsin is to award joint custody. When both parents have joint custody, this means that both parents have an equal right to make decisions for their child, and the parents must work together for the sake of their child. There are, however, exceptions to this presumption, which may result in the court awarding one parent sole custody.

Sole custody is when one parent is vested with the right to make major decisions for the child. There are some scenarios in which the court may order sole discretion regarding a particular area of decision making to one parent versus the other. 

Child placement refers to the time the child spends with each parent in their physical presence. The parent with whom the child is placed has the right to make daily decisions related to the care of the child while in their care.

Wisconsin law requires that the child have regular and meaningful periods of placement with each parent; however, there is no requirement that the placement be equal. The court, in determining the placement of the child, considers a variety of factors, including:

  • The ability and availability of each parent to provide care to the child
  • What the child desires
  • The geographical distance between each parent
  • The accommodations provided by the parents
  • The communication between, and cooperation of, both parents
  • Parental needs

A skilled child custody lawyer at Laster & Associates will help you prove why it is in your child’s best interest to be placed in your care. Do not allow your divorce to strip you of your parental rights – let us fight for you, and for your child.

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"Attorney Laster was a God send, when my child's father called child protective services, as a precursor to him filing for shared placement. He had a new girlfriend who encouraged him to throw everything but the kitchen sink at me, so that he could paint me as an unfit mother. Atty. Laster was impressive when dealing with CPS, the agent dropped the case after 2 days of her involvement."

 - Professional Woman (Avvo review)

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