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If you have been arrested, it is important to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. This is especially true if you have been arrested on suspicion of, or charged with, armed robbery or burglary, as these are serious felonies in Wisconsin.

The skilled criminal defense attorneys at Laster & Associates LLC are pleased to offer their professional services to you in the event you are charged with these crimes.

Armed Robbery

The prosecution has the burden to establish that the elements of the crime charged have been satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt. The elements of robbery are:
  • Property was taken from its rightful owner, in the presence of the owner;
  • The property was taken without the owner’s consent;
  • At the time the property was taken, there was intent to deprive the owner of his or her property; and 
  • The property was taken through the use of force or intimidation
Armed robbery is committed when a dangerous or deadly weapon is used in commission of the offense. 

There are many factors the court considers in sentencing a defendant for armed robbery. These factors include:
  • The weapon used, and how it was used
  • Where the crime occurred
  • The duration of the crime
  • The value of the property taken
A skilled defense attorney can negotiate on your behalf and argue persuasively for a just result.

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The elements of burglary, which must be proven by the prosecution, are:
  • The defendant entered the building or home of another
  • The defendant did not have consent to enter the building or home
  • The defendant knew he or she did not have consent
  • At the time of entry, the defendant had the intent to steal or commit a felony
Commercial buildings, in addition to homes, may be burglarized, and the type of premises may affect the severity of the crime.

Factors the court considers in sentencing a defendant convicted of burglary include:
  • Whether any property was taken or damaged in commission of the offense 
  • Whether the premises were damaged 
  • The type of premises entered; and 
  • Whether any harm was done to another person
Our experienced burglary lawyers at Laster & Associates are skilled at delivering winning arguments on behalf of our clients. 


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